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It’s not too late to join the class…it’s just getting going

painter training

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Say goodbye to scheduling webinars and “live” videos where you hope to see good training information that might help you get paint jobs completed more efficiently. It’s hard to find among the internet clutter and we want it to be easier.

Paint education at the Online Training Center is video-based, and so flexible that you can access it anytime you want while enrolled in a course. No clutter or distractions, we promise.

Learning here is designed to get you up out of your seat, with your hands on the tools. Watching is the smallest component.

All you need for this class is a laptop with wifi, a sprayer and a place to play. The best learning happens when you are DOING.

Building skills and knowledge is fun and longer lasting this way.

painter training

Preview the course and its 3 lessons with trainer Todd Pudvar:

Would you pay $6.25/day for 8 weeks of supported spray program implementation?

To see the full outline for the class, visit the Airless and Air Assisted Class Page.

Registration for this course is now open and seats are limited. Class begins on January 9.

We will be announcing additional courses in other paint disciplines very soon as well.

Enrollments in each class will be limited so that the training is deep and personalized for each student.

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