Air Assisted/Airless Spraying

Instructor:  Todd Pudvar
Course Dates: January 9, 2017 - June 30, 2017
Enrollment Dates: December 20, 2016 - January 8, 2017
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
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About the Course

Air Assisted/Airless Spraying

This Course is a technical and practical exploration of air assisted and airless spray technologies, with a particular emphasis on how sprayers really work, and how to use them more effectively and profitably. 

its-not-as-easy-as-putting-your-brush-down-and-pulling-a-triggerIn other words, to avoid downtime in the field, there is much more to these rigs than simply dunking them in paint and pulling the trigger. 

If you are tired of rolling the dice every time a sprayer heads out to the job, this is the way to turn things around and implement a proper spray program for consistent results.

Video based lessons include demonstrations of how to break the machine down for inspection, critical filtration sections, ball valve housing inspection/maintenance, personal safety, techniques and a 10 point system for cleaning and maintenance. 

Thorough explanation of tip styles and how to choose is included, as well as a flat tip fine finishing discussion and demonstration. 

painter trainingThe goal is for all users to emerge from this course with the ability to use and care for the machine properly, by thoroughly understanding how it works. This course comes with 8 weeks of Implementation Support to ensure that your company successfully transitions into a consistent and predictable spray program. 

Say goodbye to scheduling webinars and "live" videos to see what you hope will be good training information that will help you get paint jobs completed more efficiently.

Paint education at the Online Training Center is video-based, and so flexible that you can access it anytime you want while enrolled in a course.

Learning here is designed to get you up out of your seat, with your hands on the tools. Watching is the smallest component.

painter trainingAll you need for this class is a laptop with wifi, a sprayer and a place to play.

The best learning happens when you are DOING.

Building skills and knowledge is fun and longer lasting this way

Course Outline: 

Lesson One - Preparing Your Machine and Yourself

  • Filter Location and Maintenance
  • Complete Ball Valve Inspection 
  • Breakdown of Fluid and Air Flow sequences
  • Proper PPE program
  • Assemble and Maintain a Spray Kit
  • Purpose of a Spray Log

Lesson Two - Implementing your Spray Program

  • Tip Selection Basics
  • Adjustments for proper Compressor and Pump Settings
  • Fan Pattern to Surface Relationship
  • Know the Spraying Checklist
  • Orientations and Pass Strategies
  • Overlaps per Product
  • Hose Management
  • Gun Positioning
  • Machine Location
  • Control of Environment
  • Maintenance for Performance
  • Master the 10 Step Cleaning Sequence
  • Machine Storage when not in Use

Lesson Three - Excel in Fine Finishing

  • Tip Style and Selection (RAC/RAC FF/Flat)
  • Crash Course on Flat Tipping
  • Using the Fan Width Valve
  • Cabinet/Furniture Grade Finishing
  • Technique Mastery
  • Pace Awareness
  • Positioning and Stance
  • Distance Orientation
  • Developing the "Critical Eye"

Course Structure

  • Lesson One: Preparing Your Machine and Yourself
  • Lesson Two: Implementation of a Spray Program
  • Lesson Three: Excel in Fine Finishing


Todd Pudvar
Todd Pudvar
Todd was a high school teacher for 22 years in Vermont and Colorado. He has been a professional painter for 20+ years. As the technical trainer at Prep to Finish, he is well-known for his passionate demonstrations in live clinics. In his spare time, Todd fly fishes, snowboards, mountain bikes ...